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Adri Roos is a qualified Demartini Values Training Facilitator

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The hierarchy of your values determines how you perceive and act upon the world and therefore your destiny.  This is the first step towards defining your life purpose. 

You will find that as you fill in the answers to the first four value determinants, some of the answers are going to overlap or be the same or similar (synonyms). Some of the items or things you spend your time on, fill your space with; spend your energy and money on will end up being the same, or at least synonyms. This is an indicator that you are on track with this process. This means that you are pretty congruent and you are more consistently doing something that is more important to you.


Identify the Answers That Repeat Most

Once you’ve written down three answers for each of the 13 questions, you’ll see that among your 39 answers, there is a certain amount of repetition – perhaps even a lot of repetition. You may be expressing the same kinds of value in different ways – for example, “spending time with people I like,” “having a drink with the guys from work,” “going out to eat with my friends” – but if you look closely, you can see some patterns begin to emerge.

So look at the answer that is most often repeated and write beside it the number of how often it repeats. Then find the second most frequent answer, then the third, and so on, until you have ranked every single answer.

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